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issue Nº3 || Creatives

The third issue, Creatives, focuses on the growing market of POC creators. While it seems that every one is a content creator nowadays, Creators of color still have an appeal despite being underpaid and their work being undervalued or just blatantly plagerised. This issue features the best of different creatives while also diving into the ins-and-outs of creative industry, life, and struggle. 

issue 2 -- cover-01.png

issue Nº2 || RACial fetishization

Our 2nd issue, Racial Fetishization, focuses on pieces of racial objectification, a topic often over looked. The issue is filled with stories about struggling with dating, workplace tension, and finding inner beauty in a eurocentric beauty industry. 


issue Nº1 || STrength in colors 

Our first issue was a telling of stories. It showcased how POC identify themselves in their world and how they've found strength in all of their distinct identies and cultures.