Lana Davis 

Lana Davis is a freelance writer and theatre actress in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She's passionate about social justice, political awareness, as well as an education advocate. When not working on Unapologetic, she's often in shows in the Minneapolis-area. You can find her at @splashoflace on Instagram and most other social media profiles. 


the writers 


Lisa Holden is a writer, student, and language enthusiast currently based in Philadelphia, PA, but originally from Delaware. She is passionate about exploring issues through the lens of black womanhood and often finds black women/femmes as the focus of her projects. She ultimately aspires to find understanding and peace through her writings and through the writings of others. You can follow her @lhcaulfield on instagram.

Salihah Aakil

Salihah Aakil is a 15 year old, African American Muslim, Writer, Artist, and co-founder of Salvage, a non profit. She is a two time DC Youth Poet Laureate finalist and an outspoken advocate for social justice. She found writing at the age of ten and hasn't stopped using it, words are her weapon, wonder, and shelter. She uses poetry to express what others don't want to say,  has found her voice through it and has resolved never to be silent again.



Olivia Renè Graves

My name is Olivia Renè Graves; residing in Galesburg Illinois. (Don't worry, no one knows where it is.) I'm a Capricorn so I am the most stubborn and curious person you'll ever meet. But I'm funny. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.

Rebecca Chang

Rebecca Chang is a 19-year-old writer/author, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She spends most of her time writing and reading. She also creates art, occasionally. 
Rebecca recently self-published her debut poetry book ‘Cherish the Good Days’ on Amazon. The book shares her experiences with mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, falling in love, her previous toxic relationship, and her growth from it all. She hopes that, through her poetry, she's able to help those who may be battling the same things that she did. 

You can find more of her work on Instagram: @Voiceonpaper.

the artists

amir khadar 

Amir Khadar is a non-binary West African multidisciplinary artist from Minneapolis Minnesota. For them, art is a space to rationalize their feelings as a marginalized individual, and ultimately facilitate healing from systematic oppression. Their artwork examines historical and contemporary issues facing the black community, as well as the nuances and beauty inside of being black. Currently, Amir is a junior in college at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where they are pursing a B.F.A


THE photographers

LUCY Owiredu

Lucy Owiredu is a Ghanaian-American photographer. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she explores the art of story telling through conceptual visuals. Often incorporating elements of fashion and the fluidity movement and dance, she creates images that transcend communication barriers, forming an unmistakable language of their own.