do you take pitches?

Yes, we accept pitches. Do you have an idea that you feel would fit with the content of Unapologetic Magazine? Send us an email with a brief explanation of your idea.

what should be included in submissions?

Please review the submission guidelines. When sending in submissions, include your preferred name, social media handles, race, and an explanation of what you're submitting. *If your submission contains triggering elements (rape, suicide, etc.), please LET US KNOW so it can be put into consideration.


how will we know if our pitch/submission is accepted?

Properly submitted work will be notified of the status within 15 Days.


what kind of content do you accept?

We invite you to join us through submitting original content in the mediums of writing, photography, videography, and artwork.


who can contribute to unapologetic magazine?

People of colour are invited to take part through writing, photography, and visual works, guided by themes reflecting societal changes. Our blog is made up of submitted content from unfolding and established creatives worldwide.