In our ‘Racial Fetishization’ issue we talked about how a sexual, eurocentric gaze can affect bodies of color. In our ‘Sexuality’ issue we wanted to give POC space to claim their bodies and their sexuality, and tell their own stories.

queer identities  

Being a person of color is enough of a struggle; add another intersection of queerness and life can hold a whole other meaning. It can be freeing but it can also be difficult. We’d love to hear your stories about your queer life. Finding love, coming out, building friendships, and more.


We don’t talk about it enough and no, the memes and sex joke on Twitter don’t count. So let’s do it here. What does sex mean to you? How does it make you feel? Does sex empower you or is it a chore of life? Tell us about your kinks, your favorite sexual experiences, failed one night stands, everything. Leave it all hanging out.

We want to hear, read, see, feel everything you have to say about sexuality. click below to read our submission GUIDELINES and to contribute to this issue.

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An essential part of the ‘sexuality’ trifecta is relationships. With yourself, your body, others. May your relationships be platonic, romantic, sexual, or virtually non-existent we all have one that has shaped the way we look at love and connections to one another.